Why You Should Not Quit: Turn Disappointments into Blessings

Turn Disappointments to Blessings!

Failures and unfulfilled expectations can leave us deeply disappointed in ourselves, others, or even God. But is it possible to convert disappointments into blessings? The answer is YES! We can by putting our complete trust in God. When people are disappointed, they typically start to distance themselves. They lose touch with God, give in to destructive vices, or let their moral lives spiral out of control. So how may we react to disappointments in a way that glorifies God more? 


Disappointment is God’s appointment in Disguise

We may experience circumstances that make us confused and disappointed about why this happened. But if this happens to you, always ask why this is happening; maybe God is speaking to you because of that situation, maybe God is telling you to do something, maybe God is accomplishing something in you, or perhaps God is teaching you what to avoid. If that disappointment is evil, then at least as you grow mature, you know what to avoid. Psalms 119:71-74 “It is good for me that I was afflicted, That I may learn Your statutes. The law from Your mouth is better to me Than thousands of gold and silver pieces. Your hands have made me and established me; Give me understanding and a teachable heart, that I may learn Your commandments. May those who fear You see me and be glad, Because I wait for Your word.”

Though waiting sometimes may bring seeming delays or sometimes would always bring disappointment, it is God’s appointment for us to know Him even more. Just like Moses, He spent his life thinking he was nobody, but when God used him, he became Extraordinary. Often we think of ourselves as extraordinary or somebody, and we don’t need God in our life, which is why we cannot experience the extraordinariness of God. The reality of life is that we always think that we don’t have any purpose in life if we don’t have anything to offer the world; wealth, knowledge, and service. But God doesn’t require us to have these things; instead, if we only Serve Him and trust Him, we can be purposeful in this life. We will realize that there is a reason we are in this world.

Knowing that God is in control makes it very easy to trust in Him. Moses’ heart was set on following the King of kings despite his difficulties and occasional failings because he understood that the God he served was the one he could trust. So as long as God has the power that is working even if we don’t know what is behind us, everything is not too late. Obey and Trust in all to God so that you will not be disappointed if there is a goal you have not achieved yet. Don’t expect to have what you need instantly because if you seek wisdom, you are to seek wisdom more than seeking gold. 

         God wants us to understand though there are so many disappointments in our life that may happen, He wants us to turn it into a blessing by Trusting Him. Nothing in life has happened to you. It’s happened to you. Every disappointment. Every failure. Even every closed door has shaped you into the person you are today. We cannot profit from anything the world has to give us if our souls are lost and if we don’t know anything about Jesus, who was sent by God to save us. Accomplishments are good for our life, but God is telling us that we are much better than the temporary pleasures the world gave us. Moreover, God is giving us a life of abundance in eternity. The more we trust God, the more limitless we will achieve.

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