This Piano-Playing Beagle Dog Will Guaranteed To Put a Smile on Your Face

For pet lovers out there, seeing your dog hype and being productive gives our daily day extra happiness. When life hits you with bad news, there’s nothing more like a good howl to make you feel better.
It is the same for ‘Buddy Mercury’who has given a passionate performance singing while playing piano for an audience of millions watching on the Internet. Buddy delivers a solo worthy performance with his crunchy chords as his keys that perfectly fit to his charming howl.
With the little room as his stage, Buddy played like a professional performer on the biggest stage, making eye-to eye contact with his number one fan, taking a video with him while enjoying the music.

His owner applauded Buddy for the great once-in-a-lifetime performance.

“What a good boy.” Said his owner. “Good performance, Mr Buddles. Good show!” He added.

Buddy is a rescue dog and has earned million of appreciation on the internet. Keep up the good work Buddy!

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