The Most Deserved Belt In The History Of Boxing Was Given To a 6-Year-Old Boy.

A little boy named Bridget Walker received a belt for saving his three-year-old sister from certain death after being bitten by a German shepherd dog. He had 90 stitches all over his body, but saved his little sister from a certain death. “If anyone has to die, it would be me, I am the big brother”. Statement from the little boy. The WBC has recognized him as a world champion for a day, hence, making him the world’s greatest fighter.

Photo by Nicole Noel Walker
The story of Bridger Walker went viral and a lot of boxers praised him. Mike Tyson one of the most influential boxers in the world, also praised him for his act of bravery. Mike Tyson called Walker a ‘true champion’. Mike Tyson said at the Annual Convention of the WBC, “You are undoubtedly a champion; you have material in your blood to be a champion. When someone without hesitation defends his sister, he is a great person. You are the champion before your sister; you are the champion for all of us.”
Photo uploaded from Instagram @nicolenoelwalker
Walker’s mother posted a photo on Instagram with the WBC belt and said, “It’s true. Bridger was made an honorary World Champion by @wbcboxing. They told me they would send him a belt, but I didn’t realize it would be THAT belt!” 
He has received many commendations from celebrities, including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and others. WBC awarded him the ‘Honorary Champion’ belt, and Mauricio Sulaiman, president of WBC, has announced that a ‘Bridger weight class’ will be created in his honor.

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