A teacher gave his pair of shoes to the student marching for graduation wearing shoes wrapped in scotch tape.

In an ongoing graduation ceremony at Labuan Central School at Zamboanga City. A day that is remarkable to each of the graduate students at the school. One of the teachers from the school, Christian Carpio noticed a student waiting for his turn on one of the biggest moments of his life, wearing a pair of broken shoes that were only wrapped in scotch tape for the student to use it on his special graduation day. Because of this, the teacher Christian Carpio, immediately took his shoes off and gave them to Rey Paul, the name of the student. Rey Paul will surely have the most memorable graduation day of his life.

Photo by @Van Nessa (Facebook)

“Kinukuwento ko ito hindi upang mag-malaki, bagkus upang sila nitong guro sa kwento ng Mindanao Voices ay pamarisan — lalo na noong mas may mga kakayahan sa buhay,”. “(I am telling this story not to be proud of, but so that this teacher in the Mindanao Voices story can be a role model — especially to those who have capabilities in life,)” Carpio said. Carpio is known as a teacher who is kind and generous to the students of the said school.

Van Nessa, the teacher who captured the story and posted it on Facebook, was not expecting at all that her post would go viral on Facebook and could somehow capture the hearts of many people. Rey Paul is starting to receive some financial support from people who openly share their blessings. A simple act of kindness by the teacher, Christian Carpio makes a tremendous impact on Rey Paul’s life. Even on the biggest doubts or problems in life, there is always someone who is ready to help, someone who is kind. Share this story to let everyone know how a simple act could be the source of great happiness.

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