Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress

We used to admire people for their achievements and progress. We can say that they are fully equipped with the talents they have in order to achieve milestones in their lives. Or somehow we can conclude that they have a better childhood life without experiencing major financial problems that makes their life easier to achieve goals in life.

We live in an era that technology is rising from time to time. Standards are changing over a short period of time. Modern technology helps tasks to be done in a short period of time. We can hardly assume that the faster, the better. So, it is all about the time. We can imagine and ask ourselves. Am I, at the right time of what I’m supposed to be today? Often more we don’t value the precious benefits of slow progress and growth.

Appreciate drought in your life

Hi, I am Carl, the author of this website. When I graduated high school way back 10 years ago and went to college after a couple of months. At the start things went well, but later on it seems like money is really playing an important role being a college student. The good thing is that I have a very hard-working mother who works hard day and night in order to sustain our daily needs, but still, it was not enough to sustain us all in the family.

Most of the time I was being unproductive. Not doing any things, no goals, no inspiration. The only thing that I was being productive about was just lying down in bed thinking, “Am I an eagle without wings?” or maybe “An eagle with a clipped wings?”

During those times, I really didn’t appreciate my life at all as it was hard to believe for miracles or changes to happen. At any time I could decide to give up my goals and to waste life at all. It was a very drought moment in my life, but I know deeper in my heart that there is something that I can do to change everything. Things are not permanent.

It was funny that I could not even imagine how I made my decision to get along with the life I have right now. So here is the turning point. God uses people or person to reach out to everyone including me, to let us know that He is with us. He is everywhere. He is willing to help anytime. All we need to do is acknowledge Him in our lives.

I could not imagine the life I had before. The life of not knowing God at all. Lessons always happen right after learning. I may not be able to describe the life I had before, but one thing is that right now I truly appreciate those every moment of my life before.

Learn to Wait

Learn to wait, things always fall into place. Just keep the faith. In Psalm 27, God said that He has perfect timing for everything; all you need is to wait. Perfect timing brings peace and not destruction. While waiting, God wants us to obey Him. There are benefits in slow progress of life. Waiting teaches us to trust more in God. God wants us to not lean on our own understanding. As Proverbs 3:5-6 says: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him. And He shall direct your paths.”

You are waiting for some “thing” to happen in your life; therefore, you are considered a null person or an empty person waiting for that “thing” to fill your life. Waiting improves your patience without getting angry. It makes you mature enough. You appreciate things because you already know the feelings of being nothing. It teaches us not to waste important events in our lives. It might be the one step we needed to continue in achieving our dreams.

God does not give us wealth directly, but He gives us the power to create wealth. So we are talking of waiting for some “thing” right now. So, God does not give us things directly, but He gives us the power to create things. All we need is to be more sensitive to God’s wisdom. As God always wants, what is best for us.

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