Revivalists in Davao rally for Jesus during the distribution of government aid

The world we live in today is filled with negativity, and that’s what makes the work of an evangelist even more important. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing the word of God with everyone around you and making them better. And for these groups of revivalists, they are living with full rewards ahead.

Photo by @It’s AJ (Facebook)

It was a busy day for one government agency as they offered educational assistance to everyone who is in need. People are rushing to get the line first and waiting for an hour and even took the whole day to wait. It was a perfect spot for this group of revivalists to take the opportunity to preach. They prepared well as they used banners and tarps. They are not rally-ist people, but they are revivalists promoting Jesus to the people. The Lord was indeed moving and touched many lives during the preaching.

Photo by @It’s AJ (Facebook)

“Nakakatuwa ang move ng Lord. Makikita mo ‘yung pag-touch ng Lord sa mga tao while listening. Kaya nung dulong part ng preaching, when I asked, ‘Sino po dito ang gustong tanggapin ang Panginoon, isuko ang buhay n’ya, at magsisi sa kanyang mga kasalanan?’
Grabe, ang daming tumaas ng kamay. I see in their eyes ‘yung pagpapasalamat na hindi lang educational assistance ang nakuha nila, kundi libreng kaloob ng Diyos.” One of the revivalists posted on his Facebook Page @It’s AJ.

“Davao is blessed for having these surrendered people and Churches who are surrendered and not bound by the spirit of religion.” He added.

It was a winning day for everyone who listened the words of God. Though not everyone will get the assistance from the Government but one thing is for sure that God made a divine appointment to those who heard His words. It was indeed a great courage of act for these revivalists.

Photo by @It’s AJ (Facebook)

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