It’s Time To Let Go and Let God Handle It

Let Go and let God

Even in the most painful or terrifying circumstances, God is always completely in control. He exhorts us to seek solace in His might. Our role is to submit to His will and have faith in Him even though turmoil is all around us.We get the internal notion that we can’t let go and can’t let God, but that we instead have a right to be heard as humans when we approach everything with a sense of entitlement. The belief that God is the only one in charge and that there is nothing we can do but let go hinders us. Our goals are something we adore, value highly, and are proud of. We think that people ought to act in a certain way and that things ought to go the way we want them to. Although we want God to fulfill our wants, He frequently makes better decisions. 

Along with letting go of our sense of entitlement, we ought also to work on letting go of our skepticism. What exactly are doubts? These are the kinds of beliefs that imprison us and cause us to doubt God’s existence. Doubting God’s power highlights our inflated sense of entitlement. Because of this, our faith is not only ambiguous but also our relationship with God is evil. But whoever has questions is condemned if they eat since their eating is not based on faith, and everything that is not based on faith is a sin, according to Romans 14:23.

Letting go and letting God entails submitting to God without reservation or feeling entitled. How can we accept the gifts the Father wishes to give us if our hands are already full? He shows us how to put humility and tolerance in place of arrogance. “Submit to him in all your ways, and he will make your pathways straight,” Proverbs 3:6 says again. Our pathways become straight, both physically and symbolically, when we surrender to God and offer Him our everything. We have a broader perspective on things and are more discerning. This is the most accurate interpretation of surrendering to God. We still have hope even in the midst of chaos and challenges because we are aware that God is in charge and that He knows what is best for us. Because letting go and allowing God brings happiness, we as Christians ought to put this into practice on a regular basis. As we make our way to this life, let us encourage our brothers to do the same. Letting go and letting God entails accepting that we shouldn’t be entitled to our own selves, letting go of persistent misgivings, and giving our complete selves to God alone. Our lives become complete when God is in charge of them.

God is not finding a perfect person. If God is to find one then there’s no one He can use. When God says “ I will use you” He will really use you. It is one thing to know that God uses ordinary people, but it is another thing to believe that God will make use of you. Pero sometimes maka wonder ta.. “Nganong ako man nga ordinary raman ko nga tao”. Yet, God is not finding someone who has something to offer in order to use you for something.. It is a thing that we must understand that we have something in us that God wants to make use of us. 

Just like Acts 4:13 “ When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus”. Peter and John were judged by the standards of the world, they are untrained and uneducated but they were recognized for having been with Jesus. They may be untrained and uneducated in the eyes of many, but God uses them because they are with Jesus. This is their secret that they have the courage to face any circumstances and battles in life. So if you believe that you belong with God, and you are with Jesus. God can make use of you and in fact, God definitely will use you. 

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