Is your faith strong enough to trust in the middle of nowhere?

The uncertainties in life are so unsure as to determine what kind of situation we shall entangle in our future. When you stay in your own comfort zone, your future will be at stake. When you dare to take a step in your life, you are also taking a risk upon yourself. When you have a big problem, you are also uncertain about how to find a solution. You seem unsure of the path you are going in because life is somehow uncertain. Technology is taking over us. The standards we are living in are somehow changing time by time. Doubt starting to fill-in in your head. Am I on the right path? Or am I in the middle of nowhere? Doubt that turns into confusion and anxiety. One thing we can be certain of is that life is somehow uncertain. Is your faith strong enough to trust in the middle of nowhere?

Faith is like taking a bet

When you take a bet on the team or any side that you think might win the game is like putting trust in an uncertain situation. Even though you believe so much in the bet you are putting in, there is somehow in your head that are unsure what will be the outcome. You just don’t know until the game ends. In order for the side to win the competition, the winning side should conquer any problems along the way and defeat the opposing team on the other hand. In life, we have so many struggles that we need to conquer. It is like taking the risk to win it all. We have already taken the bet on every decision we have made. We just don’t know the outcome. We are uncertain at the moment. We have already taken the bet and there is no turning back. Is your bet on the winning side or on the losing side? You just don’t know but to wait for the result to come out. You are unsure at the very right moment in your life because you are in the middle of nowhere.

The situation you have right now changes the course of your stories

We are all children at once and without a doubt we believe in fantasy. We believe in things that are impossible to happen in real life. We just believed straight ahead as children. As we grow older, we have responsibilities to take on. We put our practices into values. We started to understand things and become mature. We are not a child anymore; fantasy is not real, and we already know what is possible and what is impossible. We feel pain for the things we wish not to happen. We feel pain in losing someone we love the most. We feel pain for all of the problems we have. This pain and all the bad things that we experience in our lives could change the course of our lives. It is like sailing your own boat toward the destination and suddenly changing the course to a hundred-eighty degrees.

Train your mind to understand things deeply

You have to understand that life will not go according to plan. Understand that life is uncertain. Sometimes, you lose and sometimes you gain. Some plans will not work out and some will. Some will listen to you and some won’t. Even in your prayers, sometimes it won’t happen for a reason. You must understand that in every circumstance in your life, there is a value you can gain from it. One thing we can be sure of is that we gain value in life instead of losing it. Even in the moment of your life that you lost in a game or simply missed the things you wanted. You actually gain an important lesson out of it. That is the thing we could be certain of. It is not usual for us to accept pain, failure, or losing someone. These things will really hurt our feelings, but you have to understand that this is life. You just go along with it and work out your faith.

Final thought

The moment that you are lost or stuck in the middle of nowhere, is the moment that you should believe and have faith in God alone. You can simply have faith in yourself, but for some time your will is not strong enough to conquer your emotions. Faith is all about believing in things; you don’t know, how it is going to happen, but you know it is going to happen. The experiences we encounter in our lives will determine what kind of person we are. It is like taking your first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. In Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you’re about to give up hope. Just trust in the Lord above, as He has faith in us from the very beginning.

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