If You Believe In A God Who Controls The Big Things, You Have To Believe In A God Who Controls The Little Things

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We all knew that Satan once became the rightful owner of the world after Adam and Eve failed. God gave them His authority and instructs them not to eat the fruit of good and evil even though God could have been given the full details of what the world would become if they eat the fruit of good and evil but God didn’t. Adam and Eve eventually committed the greatest mistake of all time. God did not interfere to bring things back to normal because God was just being true to Himself and the authority was already given. It is for us to imagine that even in the worst situations still, God is in control, and even more to every little thing. In Genesis 3:15 God stated, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel”. God promised them that Jesus was already in the redemption plan even before sin entered the world.


1. Trust God even in the situation you don’t like

Satisfaction is when God listens to your desires and prayers, but what if God did not answer your prayers, or maybe God has another plan that is far opposite from your plan? Are you still going to trust God with all of your heart? Literally we all Christians can relate to this because God’s plan always prevails, even if it is against our satisfaction. You have to trust God even in the little things that you might feel have nothing to do with you. All events in our lives are connected and planned even before you were born. The situation you don’t like is most likely the event that God wants you to deal with so you can move on to the next plan of your life.


2. Even our own greatest achievement makes us forget that God can also work on every little thing

Even the person who has achieved one of the greatest goals in his or her life tends to forget that God can also transform things into possible. Achievers sometimes limit their perspective on minor things because achieving great things becomes normal for them. They tend to ignore the little ones. For example, you have one regular common goal that you wish to achieve but things went the opposite to the plan you expected; you end yourself getting disappointed, discouraged, and even sometimes tempted to quit on it. Consider recalling how much you enjoyed each of the few accomplishments you achieved before, to keep yourself inspired. This should serve as a reminder that God can still make things happen, as He did in the past.


3. You trust God over big things: Why not trust Him on also on every little thing

You trust God, your salvation, your career, your happiness, your health, or even we trust God, the salvation of everyone here in the world. But we can’t put trust in God on some insignificant matter. When you’re in traffic, you probably think that you might be late. When driving a car, you probably think that your car might break down. You ask yourself in your career before getting the job, ‘What if I never get the job?’. In the office with so much paperwork, it might stress you out. In school, even though you finish the exam well, you still have doubts about your answers. Even on our appearance, we are so much aware of the opinion that people might say to us. So even if we are old enough, we must also be like a little Christian, depending on God to take over every detail of our life, not just the big picture. Every child trusts without reservation in the little situation they are currently in. Like a child, God wants us also to trust in Him in every little thing.

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