Faith It Till You Make It: Achieve Your Dreams

faith it till you make it

Do you ever feel like that in order to live out your faith, you need to be a different person? Maybe someone braver or kinder or more confident? Faith is something we can all struggle with. But it’s also something that we have control over. The way we think about faith determines how we respond to life’s challenges and opportunities. Even though it’s not always easy, having faith in yourself is an important part of living out your dreams and reaching new heights. Here are five ways you can build faith in yourself and achieve your dreams. Faith it till you make it.


Change your perspective

Our perspective is everything when it comes to faith. If we look at faith as something that requires perfection, we’ll always fall short. If, however, we look at it as a journey towards wholeness and self-love, we’ll be able to see that we’re already on our way there. Change your perspective to see faith not as a destination but as a journey. You aren’t going to get anywhere if you’re constantly judging yourself for “being there” yet. This journey will be different for everyone because we’re all unique individuals.


Practice self-care

Sometimes we can feel like we’ve fallen so far from where we want to be, we’re not sure we can ever get back. But that’s not true. You can always do better. And if you’re going to be able to make progress towards your goals, you need to take care of yourself. Practice self-love, self-care, and self-respect. Make sure you’re taking the time you need to rest, relax, and recharge. If you’re finding it difficult to believe in yourself, ask yourself what you need.


Know your worth

Self-worth is another important factor that affects how we view faith. If you don’t feel like you’re worth the time and energy you need to pursue your dreams, it can make it hard to have faith in yourself. Know your worth. Know that you’re worth investing in. Know that you’re worth the time and energy needed to pursue your goals. Having this knowledge will help you to believe in yourself.


Celebrate the small wins

Winning the championship isn’t the only way to celebrate success. In fact, it’s often the smaller moments in life that help us grow the most. If you’re going through a hard time and finding it difficult to believe in yourself, look for the small wins in your life. These can be signs that you’re headed in the right direction, even if things still feel challenging at times.


Take action – Start now!

Finally, take action. Start now! Faith it till you make it. That’s the spirit you should have. This is the best way to build faith in yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of pursuing your dreams, start small. Taking action will help you to build up the confidence and momentum you need to achieve the big dreams in your life. If you’re feeling down on yourself or like you don’t have what it takes, remember that everyone goes through this. Everyone has doubts and fears. Everyone struggles sometimes. And everyone has the potential to do great things. Remember, faith is something you can control and have control over. With these five ways, you can build faith in yourself and achieve your dreams. For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37.

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