Compare And Contrast The Physical Descriptions Of David And Goliath

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Goliath and David are two of the most popular figures in the Bible. Both men appear within a single chapter of the book of Samuel, and both gained a significant amount of fame for their roles in this story. The tale is a short one, but it’s packed with memorable details that have made Goliath and David two of the most well-known figures from the Old Testament. Compare and contrast the physical descriptions of David and Goliath. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet when it comes to your knowledge of the Bible or you’d like to brush up on your facts once more, we’ve got you covered. Here are some interesting facts about Goliath and David that you might not know…


Goliath’s Size and Origin

There are a few facts about Goliath’s size and origin that are worth noting. First, the Bible doesn’t give an exact height for Goliath. Second, he was likely a Philistine. These facts are important because they help us understand the origin of Goliath and the state of affairs between the Philistines and Israelites at the time this story took place. Goliath’s height wasn’t recorded because he likely wasn’t the tallest person in his society. At the time, people in the eastern Mediterranean rarely grew to be taller than five feet, eight inches. Goliath was likely taller than that, but not dramatically so. Goliath was likely a Philistine, and the Philistines were a sea-faring people who lived on the southern coast of modern-day Israel and the northern coast of modern-day Lebanon. The Philistines weren’t Israelites, and they didn’t speak Hebrew. Instead, they spoke an early form of Greek. Goliath’s origins suggest that the Philistines weren’t Israel’s greatest friend.

The Story of Goliath and David

The story of Goliath and David begins with a challenge issued by Goliath, who was the champion of the Philistines. Goliath challenged the Israelites to send their best man to face him in single combat. If the Israelites were able to defeat Goliath, then the Philistines would become Israel’s slaves. If the Israelites were defeated, then they would be forced to surrender. The Israelites were understandably nervous about taking Goliath up on his challenge, but after some careful consideration, the young shepherd David stood up and volunteered to face the giant. Despite his extreme lack of experience, David was able to defeat Goliath using a sling and a few stones. The rest of the story of Goliath and David details the aftermath of David’s victory. After David and his men were allowed to finish off Goliath, he and his men were rewarded with a feast at Saul’s house. It was at this feast that Saul first laid eyes on David and immediately began to resent him.


David and Goliath: The Biblical Aftermath

The story of Goliath and David took place in the 11th century BC, which was a time when the tribes of Israel were at war with the Philistines. This is a significant detail because it suggests that the story of Goliath and David may have been an attempt to unite the Israelites. Goliath and David appear together in the story of David and Saul, which was likely written to serve as an introduction to the rest of the books of the Bible. In this story, the Bible makes a point of highlighting the fact that the Israelites were unwilling to follow David as their king because he was too young. Goliath and David are significant figures in the Bible because they are often used to illustrate the idea that unlikely heroes can change the world as much as famous kings and generals. Some people use the story of Goliath and David in an attempt to argue against the LGBTQ+ community. These people typically argue that the Bible is a condemnation of homosexuality. However, the story of Goliath and David is not evidence for or against the Bible’s stance on homosexuality.


Interesting Facts about Goliath

Goliath was likely a Philistine, which means that he wasn’t Jewish. Goliath was most likely a warrior who served as the head of the Philistines’ army. Goliath was likely chosen to challenge the Israelites because he was the most fearsome warrior in the Philistine army. Goliath’s height was likely in the range of 6’9” to 7’6”. Goliath’s spear was said to weigh 16 pounds, and his sword was said to weigh 36 pounds. Goliath’s death is often associated with a relatively rare condition known as the “Philistine cringe”. This condition occurs when a person’s blood vessels become clogged with calcium deposits when they die. Goliath has been the subject of many future predictions, including one by Nostradamus, who claimed that Goliath would rise from the dead and attempt to conquer the world in 1999.


Interesting Facts about David

David was likely a descendent of Moses. It’s possible that David was a descendent of Moses since the Bible doesn’t provide a clear lineage for the Israelites’ kings. David was the youngest person to ever become king of Israel. David was one of the most prolific writers in the Bible, and he often wrote psalms. David was responsible for bringing together the first five books of the Bible. David was likely a shepherd, which may explain why he was knowledgeable about Goliath’s choice of weapons.


Final Words

The story of Goliath and David is a memorable tale that has remained relevant for thousands of years. It’s likely that the story will stay relevant for thousands more. There are many ways to interpret the story of Goliath and David, and it’s likely that there will never be a single conclusion that everyone agrees with.

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