Bitter Experience Makes You a Better Person

There is a stage in our lives where we will be hurt, left behind, fooled, rejected, or even depressed. We are not aware that when we give too much to the person we love, we are exhausted because we have nothing left. We are aware that we forget to love our own with our excessive love for others. We even change ourselves to be loved or accepted by them. Do you know the feeling that is still lacking? But you gave everything.

How many times have we been rejected by those we want? How often have we been blinded to the fact that he does not love you anymore, but you are still pushing? You know the feeling that it is already painful, but you love him so much that you can’t stop, the feeling that even you know he loves someone else, you will continue to love because you still can’t move on. I’ve already felt all that.

I experienced being rejected and cheated on, and because of that, I am broken. You know the feeling that you are just faking your smile because you don’t want them to see you crushed? The feeling that your every move is fake because you are tired of being honest.The feeling that when you are hurt, you are afraid to trust others? The feeling that you want to be alone? Being broken, I believe we experienced all of that.

But you know the worst stage of our lives is also what will be the reason for what we are now. I’ve been broken for almost one year of my life, and I didn’t regret it because, in that one year, I’ve learned to love myself and trust God’s plan in my life. I can still remember the bible verse that I’ve read in Psalm 34:18, which says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. The scripture wants us to know that God is close to those broken people, which I believe is true.

Because of the bitter experience that I’ve experienced, I have become a better person. I chose to serve God and wait for the right time with the right person. I chose to trust God’s plan and let him lead me in the right way because I know he will not forsake me. I am trying to say that your greatest downfall can also be your most remarkable testimony. Your bad experience can also be the key to being a better person.

God’s timing is in for your good.

I want to say is don’t rush things and wait for God’s perfect time. Don’t give too much to the point that nothing is left in you. Don’t let your bad experience be the reason for you to give up; instead, let it be the reason for you to stand up and face the problems you have been dealing with. Remember, a better experience makes you a better person, so be one and always put God in the center of your life.

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