Adorable Puppy Patiently Waiting For His Turn For Free ‘Lugaw’, Went Viral

A feeding program’s photo of an adorable puppy patiently waiting for free porridge went viral, and many netizens found it adorable. In a scenario like this, most people are intent on forming a line and waiting for their turn to get their free ‘lugaw’ or porridge but there are several times that some of the people do their best to sidestep and sneak past those around them.

It is not surprising for us Filipinos, especially that we are very common in forming a line, especially in getting some ‘Ayuda’ or aid from the Government. But for this Feeding Program by the Kings and Gilas Kings Eagles Clubs at Brgy Navotas East in Navotas, Metro Manila was different. At the front of the line is an adorable puppy, just like the children, who patiently waited for his turn. Brgy. Captain Dennis Den-den TanJuan was quite amused by this.

Photo by @Dennis Tanjuan (Facebook)

“Wala pong sisingit nauna sya sa pila at nag tyaga mag antay sa mainit,Masarap at libreng lugaw,” the Barangay Captain stated in his post.

Adorable puppy patiently waiting for his turn for free ‘Lugaw’, Went Viral.

People were amazed at how well the puppy behaved, especially since it appeared to understand that they had to wait in line for their food. Some even claimed it was the cutest thing they’ve ever seen.

“My heart melts for you cutie puppy. Automatic basta kaldero may food dbahh.. smart 😁😁” a netizen commented on the post.

“Masunurin yung aso kap.. naka pila.alam nya biyaya ang kanyang pinilahan..” a netizen commented on the post.

Photo by @Dennis Tanjuan (Facebook)

Helping dogs is also beneficial to the community, as they are considered to be man’s best friend due to their ability to reduce stress and anxiety in humans. In addition, they can also be used as guard dogs in case of emergencies, like natural disasters.

Residents also suggested that the barangay captain start a feeding program for the neighborhood’s stray dogs.


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