Adorable baby boy caught netizens’ attention as he kept laughing during baptism

Laughing Baby Boy Caught Netizens' Attention During Baptism

An adorable baby boy in Cebu City went viral on the internet during his baptism ceremony. Chinee Cyrel is the mother of this four-month-old baby boy named Xyril Gray, recorded this hilarious adorable video. The video gained millions of reactions from the internet.

It can be seen in the video that the priest ministers at the ceremony. It was just a usual baptism for everyone inside the venue until it happened. The adorable baby boy started to keep laughing in the middle of the ceremony. The baby’s laughter causes long-lasting joy to the people who attend the ceremony. The captured moment also caught up a lot of attention in the social media.

Chinee posted in her Facebook post together with the video.

“I was worried that he might be sleepy or irritable when we were about to start it, but I am so happy and surprised to see my son happy and enjoying himself. Welcome to the christian world Baby Gray.”

Chinee praised the priest who just played along until the ceremony ended. Chinee also expressed her gratitude to the people who watched the video.

“It’s been a week since I posted this video that I had no idea would go viral, and I am so happy and proud of my son that millions of people are smiling while watching his video, and I appreciate everyone who has left positive comments and reactions.”

Video Credit to @chineecyrel (Facebook).

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